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Little log cabin

20sqm log houseLog cabin

Price: 8'000.-  =>  7'500.

Log house - Ready for shippment!

Ristiku LogHome currently has a modified Ristiku 35 log home design in stock. House dimensions are 7x11.2m, containing a terrace, 2 bed rooms, kitchen, toilet, livingroom and a small loft room (for kids or just storage).
Here is the layout:
Ristiku 35 loghome design - in stock

The pricing starts from 16'000.- EUR for the log walls and an additional 13'800.- for the extra materials like doors/windows, beams and planks, etc.

Interested parties, please call us at +372 52 91 388 or email the sales person direct peepmumm at hotmail.com.

This offer on Ristiku R35 is 


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If you want a big house NOW - 22'500.- EUR  -SOLD-

                                here is one for you!

There are no special news, but we have a building in storage whcih needs to be sold.

Check the design and see if you are interested...
It has ca 230m2, 4 bed rooms, 2 bathrooms and one very big livingroom with a spacey kitchen.

ymarpalk1Supe low priced log cabin
Here are some pictures from the manufacturing process:
Villa SeaSide

Solar heating and PV panels